Getting Started with Essential Oils

If you haven’t already, learn more about essential oils here.
I’m so excited to help you get your hands on these amazing essential oils!

The company I work with offers wholesale prices, just like Costco does with their yearly membership. If you enroll as a wholesale member on my doTERRA team, I will reach out to you as soon as doTERRA sends me your purchase confirmation. Then, we can schedule an essential oil consultation together to make sure you have all the tools and resources you need to successfully incorporate essential oils into your daily routine. And there is no obligation to spend - you simply get to take advantage of the discounted prices and have opportunities to earn free oils...just like Costco.

If you purchase your oils with a starter kit, you don’t even have to pay for access to the wholesale prices! My 10 most-used oils (lavender, lemon, peppermint, frankincense, oregano, melaleuca, OnGuard, Breathe, DigestZen, and Deep Blue) come in the Family Physician’s Kit ($150) and Home Essentials Kit ($275). The reason for the price difference is because the Home Essentials Kit comes with 3x more oil per bottle than the Family Physician kit, plus the Petal Diffuser...which is incredible for a $65 value!!

Finally, when you create a Wholesale Membership with starter kit, I will give you a free bottle of Wild Orange Essential Oil, my personal favorite, and a Mini Essential Oil Usage Guide, which will provide you some foundational tools to get started!

To get your oils, follow these steps:

  1. Go to

  2. Click “Become a Member” at the top

  3. Scroll through the enrollment kit options listed on the page and select your favorite by clicking “Sign me up with this Kit”

  4. Choose the preferred language and country

  5. Choose “Wholesale Member” or “Wellness Advocate”

  6. Continue following instructions and adding to your cart

  7. Receive your essential oils and begin enjoying your new natural solutions!

To Your Health!

-Lindsea Willon, NTP